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No memberships. No hidden fees. Simply the best availability, cost and service for private air travel. 

Over 3,000 aircraft to meet your specific needs for global travel.

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Lowest prices on personal air  travel with the best service anywhere in the world. No memberships. No hidden fees or charges.  Simply the most affordable highest quality private air travel on your schedule. eMail us at

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I have a large sales territory so traveling and spending time with my family has been a challenge to balance. Memley Aviation provides me the ability to travel to the outskirts of my territory and back in the same day. My work / life balance has never been better. My experience with Memley is always great. They treat me like family.
— Roger Followell, Salesperson
As a young student, Memley makes it very affordable to travel home during the holidays. Three of my friends and I split the cost and it was less expensive than flying commercial with none of the holiday airport hassles. Best holiday ever!
— Sara Markovich, College Student

Our Aircraft

Memley Aviation Inc.  operates the newest category of efficient fast jets that we call "Personal Jets". Our pilots safely fly point-to-point to more than 5,000 airports in the U.S. alone.  Compared to commercial airlines that  funnel 70% of all passengers into 29 congested major hubs.  The latest technology in aviation allows us to provide safe, fast and affordable personal jet travel.  Through our network partners we can schedule and manage your travel on over 3,000 aircraft from helicopters to heavy jets anywhere in the world at the lowest prices. All of our jets that we operate or broker must meet the same standards as set forth by the US Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA). 

 Your Comfort is our Obsession.

Memley Aviation  has an intense focus on your comfort and safety. It is ingrained into our culture.    Memley Aviation has some of the most experienced pilots with over 70,000 flight hours.  Our owned aircraft operations and our extensive global network of aircraft all operate under FAA part 135 certificates and  are independently evaluated by ARGUS and Wyvern Consulting Ltd. You can rest assured that we take ownership of your comfort and ensure you arrive at your destination inspired.  We welcome you into our Memley Aviation Family and take extraordinary steps to build peace of mind into every flight.



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About Memley Aviation

For over 16 years, Memley Aviation Inc. has always put our customers needs first.   Our customers  told us they wanted affordable fast personal jet travel with no hassles.  We listened,  and we were one of the first charter companies to operate a new class of fast and efficient aircraft called Very Light Jets or as we call them  " Personal Jets". Our network of partners allow us to connect our customers to over 3,000 aircraft from helicopters to heavy jets that can fly safely anywhere in the world.  Memley Aviation's operated aircraft  and our partners aircraft meet  the strictest aviation safety and operating  guidelines outlined by the FAA and are certified by two independent agencies including a gold rating from ARGUS International and we are a Wyvern registered operator.